The Decatur Police Department at 707 W. Southside Dr., is reminding citizens of the creation of a “Craigslist and E-Commerce Trade Safe Zone,” for the community.

Recently the police department has had crimes which targeted citizens selling items on Facebook.  Citizens need to be aware of criminals utilizing Facebook, Craigslist and E-Commerce websites, to commit crimes.

The Decatur Police Department is encouraging all citizens to take advantage of our “Safe Zone” created to protect all citizens doing business online.  Citizens can come to the police department lobby or outside the police department under the canopy during normal business hours of 8am-5pm.  It is not recommended citizen’s conduct transactions in the “Safe Zone” after normal business hours, but are free to meet in the “Safe Zone” after normal working hours if the exchange is more convenient for both parties.

A police department is the perfect place to meet after conducting on-line exchanges.  A police department can be utilized for exchanges where citizens are selling or buying any items, from unknown persons.  A police department is manned twenty four hours a day, with lighting and surveillance cameras.  There is a phone in the lobby that citizens can utilize in case of emergencies.  Citizens are urged to read the Craigslist website safety page for recommendations on how to make them safer while conducting transactions.

The Decatur Police Department takes pride in its service and dedication to protecting the public and urges all citizens to “Be Safe.”  Remember, working together we can make the community safer and protected against criminals who prey on unaware citizens.